Kutthroat Stringworks was born thru a melding of passions: A passion for the Colorado backcountry, passion for creating, and a passion for playing the banjo.
It seems only fitting that authentic mountain music reflect its surroundings. Around here, it is the timber of the Central Rocky Mountain Highlands that lends its unique voice and character.

Colorado Proud
All instruments are designed and handkrafted in Salida, Colorado. I take great pride in creating one-off custom instruments with a character that embodies beauty and grace of Rockies.

local wood
I prefer to work with locally harvested and sourced woods whenever possible. I do my own tonewood harvesting & milling.

Sweat Equity
This requires considerably more effort - both in the field and in processing the raw logs. The reward is capturing a truly distinctive voice and connection to the mountains from which it came.

Each Instrument is meticulously krafted, assembled, tuned, and setup by kraftsman/designer Kurt Snyder.

Being a avid banjer plucker myself, I'm always emersed in R+D. Whether it's a brand new design, or refining a prior design, I strive to make innovative, quality, handkrafted, string instruments.

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