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Juniper engelmann Doug-Fir
Rocky Mountain Juniper Engelmann Spruce Douglas-Fir

A native to the scrublands  of the Rocky Mountains, Juniper is a close relative of the Red Cedar (Cypress Family) The wood is fine grained, with light yellow  sapwood and deep maroon heartwood with breautiful purplish and yellowish streaks.
The Tree’s  short, stocky, & irregular  shape paired with an extremely slow growth rate discourage commercial use of the lumber.  
Rocky Mountain Juniper is slightly lighter in weight & more porous than Red Cedar, which contributes to a  warm, and full sound and a light, responsive feel.

This variety of Spruce grows on high altitude slopes above 9,000 ft. Up here the air is thin and crisp and so are the summers.
The light cream colored wood is packed with dense grain. The compact early and late-growth rings bearing the proof of the shortened growing season & harsh climate. 
Sonically, Engelmann is bright & smooth, with a rich midrange.   Its outstanding projection makes spruce a great choice for a picker playing with a group.

This Fir, common in middle-elevation forests throughout much of the west is a highly valued timber species because of the strength of its wood, and it’s relatively fast growth rate.
The wood is a warm yellowish with broad orange grain lines that show a large “steps” is annual growth. Old growth trees are preferred for the ideal range of grain size.  Fire trees , old standing-dead trees singed & sealed by long ago forest fires, are ideal.
Douglas-Fir has a warm yet robust tone, with a full-bodied bass, & great Sustain.  This wood excels  in rowdy flat-picking environments.







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